What is Passio Connect Rider?

What is Passio Connect Rider?

17:16 29 October in Blog

You may have heard of Passio Connect Rider Powered by ParaPlan, but do you know all that it can do? Passio Technologies acquired ParaPlan Software in May of 2019. This acquisition enabled us to extend our paratransit/NEMT solutions to include online reservations. We call this App: Passio Connect Rider. This app gives riders the ability to request rides and manage previous trips. Additionally, mobility managers can request rides on the behalf of riders for a specific funding source. 

The solution is designed to be easy-to-use and simple to navigate for everyone. Large fonts, bright text, and built-in support for screen readers allow all riders to successfully request their rides. We only ask for important information, which makes the process quick and easy for riders. 

Main features of Passio Connect Rider include: 

Requesting a Ride – Passengers request a new ride through the Connect app. Connect saves all of the rider profile information, like their home address and accessibility requirements. Connect even shows past trip information. Riders can also add additional information into the system, like if they are in a wheelchair. Passengers receive a notification when a dispatcher has accepted their ride.

Program Administrators – We allow mobility managers to make requests for riders who may not be able to do so or would rather have someone else secure their ride for them. Using an account with unique features, mobility managers can see rider’s past trips, contact information, edit rider information, and request a new ride for them. Once dispatch accepts this ride, mobility managers receive confirmation, as well as the rider. 

These items help make running a flexible route service easier than ever for our Passio ParaPlan clients. Agencies with Passio Connect can create accounts for their riders, or to make the sign-up process easier, they can allow for riders to create their account, using a special sign-in page branded to match the agency. 

Other features include – Riders can even change their trip if they need to make updates. They can also view where their driver is on a map, bringing them peace of mind and reassuring them their driver is on the way! The portal also allows riders to enter information about any guests they may be bringing. Not only can you request one trip, but riders can submit multiple requests, allowing them to plan out their whole week, month, or year with trips in advance. Mobility Managers can give riders access to their booked rides, or not. 

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