Passio GatewayTM

Knowing who is riding can be critical for your transit operations. The Passio GatewayTM passenger identification solution captures and validates passengers and limits boarding access only to authorized users. Passio GatewayTM has the flexibility to be applied with various cards and card readers for seamless integration with existing student or employee ID barcodes, magnetic strips, and RFID card systems.

Once your passengers have tapped, swiped, or scanned their way onto your bus, the encrypted information is relayed to our servers. From there, you can utilize our dynamic reporting tool, Passio NavigatorTM, to perform basic or detailed analytic reporting based on the demographic information provided to us.

Control your access and see exactly who is riding your shuttles. Limiting access to authorized riders significantly improves onboard security while detailed access reports assist in cost and billing allocations based on actual ridership usage of the transit system.

Passio gateway