Contact Tracing



Picture this…

A passenger boards their bus in your city, university, healthcare system, or corporate campus and scans their identification badge. The passengers are encouraged to report any illness to the transit authority via signage, electronic messaging, and social media. Later that day, the passenger starts feeling “something coming on,” and by the next day, they’re officially sick. Remembering to report, they contact the transit company, alerting them to the illness.

Thanks to Passio’s Gateway Contract Tracing Solution, the transit agency can identify, by indexing their card scans, all passengers on the bus at the same time as the now-ill rider. They can then contact all of them to alert them to their possible exposure and to suggest they monitor themselves.

From Service Provider to Serious Protector

Your organization goes from just being a transportation service provider to helping protect the health and safety of your passengers. Implementing this solution helps those riders feel safer and more comfortable when utilizing your vehicles.

Contact Tracing is an exciting Passio solution that allows you—thanks to its robust search and reporting functionality—to quickly track boardings and alightings (de-boardings) to identify all passengers who were traveling  on a given bus at the same time as a flagged individual. Using our Gateway solution, it works with new or existing ID systems (Mag Stripe  cards, RFIDs, QR Codes, etc.).

Benefits of Contact Tracing


Know who’s onboard any vehicle at any moment—past or present & The solution integrates easily with other Passio services like:


o   Automated Passenger Counting: Supplement your Gateway Contact Tracing with automatic passenger counting to verify the number of passengers and real-time passenger loads for physical distancing on board.

o   LED signage: Can provide important safety and transit messages to passengers on board, along with stop and route information in real-time. 

o   Passio GO app: Riders can track their bus in real-time, get an estimate on when the bus will arrive at their stop, and quickly view the passenger count on an approaching bus and decide whether to board or wait.


Avoiding close contact between passengers for extended periods of time is challenging in any indoor environment, and transit is no exception. Passio’s Gateway Contact Tracing solution helps mitigate these challenges and provides the tools needed to quickly identify and communicate with those passengers.


While there’s no magic bullet for combating the spread of illness, tracking and tracing are crucial “first-line” tools to control and conquer communicable illnesses. Passio’s Gateway Contact Tracing for Transit bolsters the power and potential of those tools.

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