We offer solutions to create a full rider experience. Passio GO is a free customer facing app or web browser, offering route, stop, and more information to riders. Public displays let riders know when their bus will arrive and which routes to look out for in locations like a bus stop or main lobby. Automatic voice announcement and LED signage sync and deliver stop, route, and other information to truly bring the rider’s journey full circle.

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Passio GoTM

Passengers simply tap on a stop or touch the screen to let Passio GOTM know where they are headed. In just a moment the passenger knows what time the bus is coming, where it will pick up, when it will drop them off, and where they need to walk.

Scheduling and planning has never been easier. Customers have full control of updating and editing routes and stops with no delays or miscommunication.

Public Displays

Passio users have multiple options when it comes to displaying route information to their users. Our public route display module automatically updates vehicle location.

Routes can be displayed individually, in groups, or all at once. Individual route views can automatically cycle on the screen for a constant view of your entire system at the best level of detail for your passengers.

Individual website links can be created for each route so your users can visit your website and choose the routes they want to view.


Passio’s AVA System is a GPS driven voice announcement system for fixed route systems. You can customize this for each approaching stop, specific stops, transfer points, next stops, routes and destinations.

The flexibility of the system allows customers to simply schedule the content, frequency, and trigger points for each stop and each route. Passio’s AVA System enables automated voice and LED sign messaging from a single system profile.

The system can be integrated with existing PA or radio systems as well as stand-alone applications. The options include integration with on board LED signs to display: route, destination, next stop, driver names, and announcements.