Passenger counting solutions track ridership patterns, validate costs and budgets, and provide insight into maximizing operating efficiency – a valuable asset to making the informed decisions you need about your system, service levels and future needs.

Passio TransitTM

Our passenger counting solution is an Android based application, typically utilizing a transit-tested, ruggedized Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) that feeds information securely to our cloud server. Passenger data such as time, date, location, stop, route, passenger type, and other pertinent vehicle information are automatically recorded and displayed in Passio NavigatorTM, our dynamic, web-based dashboard and reporting tool.

With various options available for your passenger counting needs, gain visibility into your operations to effectively manage your resources, determine the best design for routes and stops, and keep costs within budget.

  • 7″ embedded android industrial panel pc
  • Capacitive touchscreen panel
  • External SiRF IV GPS
  • -10 – 65ºC Working temperature
  • IP64 Dust-proof, Water-proof
  • Strong vibration resistance
  • DC 9-36V input, 9W power consumption
  • -25 – 80ºC Storage temperature

Automatic Passenger Counting (APC)

Automated Passenger Counting is an advanced system, allowing customers to easily record all boardings, without significant involvement from the vehicle operator. We partnered with Hella to allow for fully automated passenger counting connected to our MDT which can be used to track passenger type and vehicle service stop and end times.

Passio Gateway - ID Card Counting

Gateway lets customers to use an existing ID system to allow riders to swipe, scan, or tap their way onto a vehicle. Operators can restrict or grant access to rider types, allocate payments, and view ridership data down to the exact rider.

Electronic Passenger Counting (EPC)

Electronic Passenger Counting allows vehicle operators to easily count passenger boardings and off-boardings using a touch screen system at each stop. Passengers can be reported in groups and by type, such as a person with a bicycle. All data is securely reported back to our cloud based reporting system.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Passio Transit includes software for Edge Mobile Data Terminals which supports passenger counting options, and can connect to automatic voice announcements as well as LED signage if desired. The MDT also sends any data it receives back to Passio Navigator, our cloud based reporting system.