Passio NavigatorTM

Passio’s reporting solution gives operators insight into the system and customers the ability to get the data that they need, while providing passengers the visibility they want. In Passio NavigatorTM, customers can customize reports based on time frames, routes, drivers and more. The single sign-in option allows managers access to the data within 24 hours. This solution also offers Incident Reporting, which logs and provides reporting for all tracked incidents.

  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Real-Time Visibility
  • Web-Based Reporting
  • Advanced Filters

Passio Ops ViewTM

Using Passio Ops ViewTM , leadership teams can work quickly to improve performance, enhance efficacy, and reduce wasteful activity that contributes to lost time and higher costs. Ops View includes Passio Navigator Live View, Vehicle Notifications, On-Time Performance, Bus History and Speed Fence Activity. All reports are configurable using variable thresholds at both the route and system level. The time, date, vehicle number/name, driver name/id, latitude, longitude, stop name, and route name for each incident recorded in detailed reports is exhibited.

Passio Navigator Live View

Individual vehicles can be selected to view direction, speed, status, and passenger load. This solution presents a graphical map display of all real-time vehicle activity.