Variable trigger radiuses allow for precise Next stop Location based announcements

Automatic Voice Announcements

Passio’s AVA solution is simple to set-up, robust in functionality, and easy for operators to use in the field. AVA announcements are determined, maintained, and changed using the stop profile within Passio NavigatorTM. The options include announcing current stop, next stop, and next stop on exit of geo-fence. The system accommodates both a route announcement and an additional custom announcement. Customers have full access to make all updates and necessary adjustments to routes, stops, and announcements. If it is preferred, Passio will manage all edits, updates, and add-ons for our customers at no additional charge.

  • Variable Radius Stop
  • Stop Announcement Updates
  • Announcement Scheduling
  • Exact Pronunciation
  • Text-to-Speech, MP3 and Wav File Support
automatic voice announcements


Passio integrates with LED signs via serial connection protocols, sending unique command line instructions to each sign within the vehicle’s network. All commands are generated by the Mobile Data Terminal. The instructions are entered in the customer configuration profile using web-based Passio NavigatorTM The information is published and then automatically downloaded via a wireless data connection to each MDT onboard the vehicle.