What is GA Bill 159?

What is GA Bill 159?

12:14 15 July in Uncategorized

Georgia Senate Bill 159 recently passed, meaning secondary and elementary education transportation can now use vehicles besides a school bus to allow for the transportation of students if it’s for school-related activities.

Why the change? Students are going back to in-person classrooms in the fall of 2021 full time as vaccination rates rise and death tolls decrease. Students might be back, but the transportation industry is still suffering from a driver and resource shortage. Instead of stretching school budgets even shorter with more drivers and school buses, they can now utilize other resources already run by their community!

Now small to mid-sized transit agencies are wondering how to get involved and need special tracking, route management, and scheduling for these students now utilizing their vehicles. If your transit agency is now helping a local school with their student transportation and need additional solutions to get this done, or your school system is looking to add solutions onboard new vehicles under this bill contact us at [email protected]

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