Using Passio Technology Solutions in a Changing Transportation World

Using Passio Technology Solutions in a Changing Transportation World

09:21 09 June in Blog, Newsletter

Transit will continue to be an integral part of our communities, higher education, and workplaces. As states begin cautiously reopening, using technology to help manage this process will be even more impactful than ever before. Passio has developed several solutions and innovations that will help any agency navigate new regulations & practices. Please find  some of the most important listed below:

Contact Tracing

Passio Gateway has been a flagship solution for more than eight years. Using passenger identification cards to allow  access and identify riders, we are now adding  a ‘Contact Tracing’ module that includes specific reports and search functionality for quick access to rider identity and passengers who may have been on board during the same period as a flagged individual. This module may be added  to existing or new Passio systems.

Real Time Passenger Load Visibility

Changing rules on vehicle capacity makes the number of passengers on board an important real time statistic. With Passio GO real time GPS tracking and Automated Passenger Counting our customers can set the bus capacity in our system and report passengers loads in real time on our Passio GO app. This information can be shared with other  mobile apps and can alert operations/dispatch. Additionally, Passio’s SmartSense integrated LED solution can be configured to display the passenger load status to riders.

Integrating Fixed Route, On Demand, NEMT, ParaTransit and Deviated Service in One System

Passio Technologies has the ability to combine Fixed Route, On-Demand, and Demand-Response (NEMT,  Paratransit, other) into one manageable system for an agency that needs to switch services quickly. This includes both back-end operations and presentation to the public. For example, fixed route vehicles could switch in mid day to NEMT or on demand.

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