Transit-tech partnership promises improved service for Florida transit agencies

Transit-tech partnership promises improved service for Florida transit agencies

14:53 05 August in Uncategorized

State-run transit agencies in Florida may soon be offering improved and enhanced service to their patrons, thanks to a recent decision by the FDOT.

Atlanta-based transit-technology provider, Passio Technologies, was recently approved as a vendor for the state of Florida, opening the door for transit agencies in Florida to access innovative transit-technology solutions without having to wait for approval from the FDOT.

Even better news for transit agencies is that Passio has partnered with CTS Software, a best-of-brand, demand-based transit software company, who has been in business for 30 years, and boasts 40 clients in the Sunshine State. Together, the two companies have custom-designed an offering specifically for Florida transit agencies.

CTS is the home of “TripMaster” software, a cost-effective solution for NEMT, demand-response, and paratransit transportation, which has been customized to meet the needs of Florida agencies. Specifically, CTS has tailor made reporting and billing, including the FLTD report, FLTD No-Show Report, Units of Service Report, AOR Report and FL Medicaid Billing.

Trip Master leads the way with integrations for FL trip brokers, including ModivCare, Alivi, MTM, A2C, etc., and is a Premier Provider with ModivCare, and Alivi, having full integrations with both. These integrations result in reductions in payment times, manual effort, and errors.

TripMaster also offers automated scheduling, AVL, a rider app, pre and post-trip inspection, call and text reminders, an integrated live-stream camera solution, vehicle maintenance, electronic fare collection, Where’s My Ride functionality, and integrated electronic billing. Passio Technologies was approved based on Passio’s advanced fixed-route transit solutions, including their rider app, Passio GO, along with Passenger Counting (electric and automatic), Voice Announcements, LED signage, and more.

On the back end, Passio and CTS solutions are fully integrated, but on the front end, varying degrees of customization are possible. The two partners’ offerings work well together, according to Skyer. For example, GPS reporting allows transit agencies to view their fleets’ exact locations, speed, and vehicle capacity for both fixed-route and demand-based vehicles.

Says Skyer, “Together, we also offer on-board cameras and video, digital fare collection, vehicle maintenance, automated scheduling, driver app, call and text reminders, a rider portal and more. Our development, sales, and customer-support teams work together in harmony to do whatever it takes to deliver the perfect solution to clients within Florida.”

Skyer sums up by saying, “Thanks to this win-win partnership with CTS, we are excited to expand our client base throughout all of Florida. Together we look forward to offering Florida transit customers an even higher level of service, convenience, and comfort.”

For more information on Passio and the partnership with CTS, contact Passio at [email protected].