Transit Scheduling During the Holiday Season

Transit Scheduling During the Holiday Season

09:13 07 December in Uncategorized

As the Holidays approach, transit agencies do their best to react to increased travel of their riders getting to and from families. “AAA predicts more than 53.4 million people expected to travel, the highest single-year increase since 2005 –”. 

The Holiday season is already ramping up, meaning mass transit agencies now have to combat higher levels of riders on board, then as the holidays hit, many agencies are closing and decreasing routes and stops for only a few days at a time. 

We encourage transit agencies to plan ahead and use their resources to the fullest this holiday season, improving the experience of all of their riders and saving time and effort for transit employees. 

Passio Technologies helps agencies remotely update their stops and routes, and even schedule changes to go live for specific dates and times. No need to physically get on a bus to edit on-board signage, voice announcements, and more solutions and services. 

Instead of servicing empty stops on holidays, transit agencies can also implement our platform of Flex Fixed Routes, allowing riders in specific locations and stops to request a ride using our Passio GO app, and alerting drivers that a stop should be serviced. Riders receive confirmation of their ride being accepted, and bus drivers routes adjust accordingly.

Learn more about how Passio can help transit agencies smoothly handle the holiday season by contacting us at [email protected]