Refreshing Our RFP Responses

Refreshing Our RFP Responses

13:07 22 December in Blog

What’s an RFP Response?

Passio Technologies sales & marketing team works tirelessly to respond to RFPs year round! An organization creates each RFP (Request for Proposal) when they are in need of transit solutions. We answer these calls with bid documents specific to each agency, answering all questions posed with answers about our intelligent transit solutions and how they can benefit transit organizations. This process allows agencies to evaluate all potentially interested transit software solution companies, and in the end, choose the best fit.

So Why does Passio Do RFPs?

We respond to projects where we think Passio’s unique solutions are the best fit for the agency. Through a rigorous process, each RFP produced describes the technical aspects of each of our offerings! Agencies interest in our modular solutions must understand the details of advanced technologies like Passenger Counting, Automatic Voice Announcements, Mobile Data Terminals, Contact Tracing Solutions, our APP for passengers Passio GO, and more! 

Why do a refresh? 

Passio’s technical department is improving existing solutions and creating new products; our team of sales and marketing professionals is constantly updating documents. This year, we majorly refreshed our RFPs, updating content and our documents’ look and feel. Our services and solutions are exciting, which is why reading our RFP response should be the same.

How can you update your own RFPs?
Content is king! Make sure to keep your content fresh. Keep rewriting documents to make sure you have the most up to date information. Losing track of which updates you have made already? Keep a document and check off those boxes! While the copy is essential, make sure to show off your brand by using brand colors, logos, images, and text that reinforce who your company is and what they stand for! Potential clients love to see consistency in a brand. 

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