Put Some Clothes On, The Internet of Everything Is At The Door

Put Some Clothes On, The Internet of Everything Is At The Door

19:47 16 July in Blog

On July 1, 2015, Mitch Skyer, President of Passio Technologies, presented at the International Parking Institute (IPI) Annual Conference in Las Vegas. IPI

The Internet of Everything is revolutionizing both Parking and Transit. By 2020 Gartner estimates there will be over 26 billion connected devices that will automatically capture data and process it – all without human interaction. The potential for change and efficiency within Parking and Transit is staggering. Imagine a world where supply and demand for these resources can be in perfect balance. The potential exists to almost completely eliminate wasteful trolling for parking spaces, traffic congestion, bottlenecks, empty lots and decks during peak periods, and vehicular accidents. Every individual’s arrival, departure, and on site movement needs can be catalogued, diagrammed, and planned for maximum efficiency. The amount of time that could be saved could change lives, and natural resources could be conserved at unprecedented levels.

This change has already begun to revolutionize parking and transit, but we’ve only seen the beginning of what will happen. Today we have GPS and automated passenger counting, pay by cell and smart space counters. Tomorrow we’ll have the ability to control movement based on instant knowledge of current conditions, and the ability to plan for demand to the exact user. Parking resources will be fully utilized and payment, reporting, and activity data will provide analytics to support the objectives of the university, city, corporate campus, airport, or agency well beyond the physical needs of parkers and passengers.

The challenges to achieve even portions of these goals are staggering. The amount of data that is currently available is discussed in terms of gigabytes or terabytes (1,000 gigabytes) but within just a few years, the Internet of Everything for Parking and Transit will be discussed in petabytes (1,000,000 gigabytes), zettabytes or yottabytes. Parking sensors will talk to hydrant sensors, which will interact with street lights, traffic lights, and traffic cameras, to create a safer, cleaner, and more people friendly environment. The challenge of managing all of this data and translating it into a usable and actionable format will be the driving force of the industry for the next decade. Understanding and managing privacy expectations, and balancing them with the need for data and information about individual activity, will require diplomacy and creativity. Join our interactive discussion and innovative presentation to learn how the Internet of Everything will impact the business of parking and transit.