Passio Vision offers On-Board Camera and Video

Passio Vision offers On-Board Camera and Video

11:39 24 March in Blog

Passio Technologies now offers a new type of solution, called Passio Vision. Passio Vision is our integration with in-vehicle cameras allowing an easy way for transit agencies to monitor their drivers and riders. Monitor your fleet, driver check-in times, and behavior on board, in-vehicle incidents, and collect essential data that will help your agency make informed decisions later and improve overall fleets!

Ever wondered what happened with an incident? Want to make sure that riders are following mask protocols? Need to keep drivers safe on late-night routes? Passio Vision is for you! We offer this product to new or existing clients and make it even easy to get started. 

Passio Vision is creating an integration with other Passio systems and will have its own tab in Passio Navigator. We offer valuable insight into what happens on-board with different options of hardware and packages. Using Passio Vision, clients have access to single or multiple cameras, event-based video recording, live view on-board, quick 4G LTE upload, historical view, notifications to management when an incident is reported. Audio recording is also available with Passio Vision. Reports are even printable for easy reviews.

Passio can even handle the install of this equipment, making it easier than ever to get started. Systems can be anywhere from 1-8 vehicles with on-board storage of 128GB to 1TB. 

The hardware needed on-board is specific to each agency and their exact requirements, but cameras are usually cordless to avoid any incidents or difficulty installing and managing them. The equipment is also tamperproof and compact.

We work with Vestige in a close partnership, allowing us to offer their equipment, data, and plan to all Passio clients.

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