Passio Technologies is proud to announce our partnership with Kootenai County!

Passio Technologies is proud to announce our partnership with Kootenai County!

08:45 28 January in Uncategorized

Passio Technologies is proud to announce our partnership with Kootenai County (CityLink North, Kootenai Health and Coeur d’ Alena Tribe’s Link service) in Western Idaho. Kootenai County and Passio are working together to build MobilityPlanner, a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform that will connect riders in the region. MaaS integrates data from multiple transportation providers into a single rider-facing app for a complete trip planning and payment solution. To build this platform, we will use technologies from Passio Navigator for GTFS processing and geozone management, ParaPlan for rider management and trip assignment feasibility, Connect for mobility manager tools and GO for trip planning and payments. 

This project is funded by the Federal Transit Administration as part of an Integrated Mobility Innovation competitive grant that was won by Kootenai County in 2019.

Our overall goal is to provide an easy way for riders to understand all of their transit options and easily use a single app for payments, ride requests, and vehicle tracking. Navigating public and private transportation is tricky, especially for new riders. Each transit system presents their options differently, including different schedules, routes, and payment options – meaning separate accounts for each transportation provider. Passio Technology’s solutions have created the perfect combination of software to offer a unique system to Kootenai.

Passio and Kootenai have completed our planning stages and will now move on to development in 2021. The development will include booking and confirmation of rides, which will complete in Fall 2021. Next, we will move on to payment integrations, scheduled to be completed in Spring 2022. Ongoing, we are growing our service providers.

We had the opportunity to present the full project details during a City Council meeting this month! Passio presented virtually, featuring our VP of Innovation. Check out the full video here: 

Kootenai County’s transit agency, Citylink, is a small urban system serving Coeur d’Alene, Dalton Gardens, Hayden, Huetter, and Post Falls in Idaho. Learn more about them here.

Check out the project website here: