Passio Navigator Customer Profile

Passio Navigator Customer Profile

13:10 25 February in Blog

Passio Navigator is the configuration and data tool for all Passio products. It is a “Heart” of solutions by allowing our customers to view all of their essential reports and configure their routes and stops in one place. Instead of having to click through multiple different tabs within Passio Navigator, summary information is readily available! 

We recently decided to manage information in the Passio Navigator tool even more straightforward, with a customer profile page. Now clients can log in and choose “Customer Profile” to see the full information in summary about the client’s transit systems. 

First, clients can view the Real-Time Status, which includes: Vehicles in Service, Vehicles out of Service, Routes Active, and Routes Inactive. This information allows clients to glance into their service to see how many vehicles and routes they are currently using. This unique quick view can assist in adding new routes and vehicles when evaluating their current offerings. 

The Solutions section of the page lets clients see icons representing all of their solutions from passio currently in use, such as Passio GO or AVA. Our client’s employees can easily reference this list to understand what offerings they have, even if they don’t work with them regularly. 

A miniature version of the Live Map shows what routes are currently active. Clients don’t have to switch to the live view tab if they want to view info briefly.

The profile also lists installation locations and recent services like installations or new Syslog changes for the transit agency. 

The customer profile even offers a “General” section to view account users and email groups currently receiving reports. Need to remove a user or update an email group? It’s easy from the general section of the customer profile. 

Is the GTFS import disabled? How many routes have LED enabled? How many stops total? All of these answers are displayed within the profile. 

To learn more or see a free demo, contact us today at [email protected].