Passio Company Meetings and Culture

Passio Company Meetings and Culture

09:30 17 September in Blog, New Hires, News

We know things have changed this year: less in-person meetings, new transit solutions, services to combat the spread of illness, need for new technology, and more. Passio is adapting to fit our new needs and has recently started holding a company meeting every other week to keep our employees updated. 

Though we are headquartered in Atlanta, GA – Passio has employees all over North America! While it’s rare that everyone is in the same room at the same time – one of Passio’s company values is to ensure everyone is involved and informed. The Passio team is always growing, but everyone stays ‘in the loop.’

These meetings aren’t only to ensure everyone in the company is informed with up to date information, we also use these times to build our company culture through fun games and activities. 

Passio’s company meetings are a great time to virtually meet new hires, go over new products and solutions, and work together on developing new ideas. Virtually, we celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and enforce our mission to keep “Making Passengers Count.”