Our new video on Automatic Passenger Counting

Our new video on Automatic Passenger Counting

09:06 16 June in Uncategorized

Check out our new solution video covering our Automatic Passenger Counting solution. This technology pairs perfectly with on board LED signage and other solutions from Passio.

Passenger counting can help transit agencies monitor their ridership without worrying about the human error in manual counts. Advanced 3D imaging devices take headcounts correctly over 98% of the time, even with crowds, passengers carrying bikes, and more. Say goodbye to inaccurate paper counting forever.

Monitoring ridership data can help transit agencies determine which stops are underutilized and may need to be removed or changed on the route. At the same time, busier stops may mean a stop should be added or moved.

Not only are passengers counted by the day, but our system counts them by route, stop, driver, and more. Counts can also be reflected on the Passio GO app for passengers, so riders can monitor how full a bus is and make their decisions with real-time information.

Transit agencies using APC (or Electric Passenger Counting using our Mobile Data Terminal) can download their riders counts in near real-time from our management platform Passio Navigator.

Watch the video to learn more:

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