Our Mobile Data Terminal Has a New Look

Our Mobile Data Terminal Has a New Look

11:42 09 February in Uncategorized

The Passio MDT Interface has seen a complete redesign! The same features you know and love are still there, now with a new look. Passio is constantly changing and updating our solutions to ensure our clients get the best possible experience and make riders count.

The MDT or “Mobile Data Terminal” is the heart of all on-board Passio Information. Drivers use the MDT for Electronic Passenger Counting (EPC), monitoring Automatic Passenger Counting (APC), and a host of other agency capabilities. The MDT controls Automatic Voice Announcements (AVA) and LED Signage on-board as well as other features like: Route/Schedule Adherence, Driver check-in/out, Driver Dispatching (with route assignment and IS/OOS), Driver to dispatcher messaging, Incident reporting, Turn-by-turn directions, and more! Using the MDT for Passenger Counting is one of the main functions. When passengers board the vehicle, drivers simply tap the MDT to count new on or off-boardings, groups or change passenger type. 

New aspects include a gradient colored bar to display how full the vehicle is. We also make it easier to understand which stops have passed, and which are coming up by stair-stepping stops in the order they appear on the route. Our Announcements, Message, and Passenger Type, and Group buttons were changed to be white instead of green to ensure they are easier to see. 

The old bus logo on the bottom left is now gone, and shows the bus number, making it easier to for drivers to get back to the home screen just by clicking their bus number. 

Another reason for our MDT update was to incorporate our new feature Passio Request & GO. Using the Passio GO app, riders can now request a ride even on fixed-routes. Learn more about Request & GO here. Now with the new MDT update, drivers can see the request and confirm they are on the way by tapping the screen, sending a confirmation that they are on the way to the rider. 

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