Our Client Project with Delta Airlines

Our Client Project with Delta Airlines

16:11 14 May in Uncategorized

Recently, Passio Technologies launched a project with Delta Airlines!

Watch the video below that shows our Co-Founder and President, Mitch Skyer, discuss the newly implemented solutions with Delta.

Mitch Skyer explains how our partnership with Delta and Alliance Bus allows for new solutions and technologies on board over 60 buses for employee shuttle usage.

Onboard is GPS Tracking through our system Passio GO. Passio GO shows live bus locations, routes, and stops so Delta employees can plan their ride before even getting on board. Passio GO can either be used as a smartphone app or on a web browser. Operations teams can track on-time reporting and performance.

Automated Passenger Counting allows Delta to know passenger counts in almost real-time from anywhere through our solution Passio Navigator, where client data is stored. Drivers don’t have to worry about any manual counting.

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