How Public Transit Can Better Protect Itself from Cyber Threats

How Public Transit Can Better Protect Itself from Cyber Threats

10:29 10 March in Blog

For years cyberattacks on businesses have been on the rise. Global weekly attacks have increased by 50 percent per organization year over year. In 2021, there were 50 percent more cyberattacks per week compared to 2020. Unfortunately, the transportation sector hasn’t been immune to these incidents. 

Public transportation systems are critical to our infrastructure, making them targets for financially and politically motivated cyberthreats. In the past, countries like Ukraine have been victims of cyberattacks against their transportation entities, allegedly carried out by a Russian military hack group. 

As our reliance on innovative solutions like OT and IoT (internet of things) rises, so does the potential for cyber threats that can negatively impact a variety of stages of our transit systems, including the theft of intellectual property, cyber hijacking, social disruption, and more. As a result, information security specialists and intelligence analysts at transit agencies have to prepare themselves and their organizations to develop preventative measures to mitigate and assess risks related to these threats. 

Keep reading to see what steps to take to keep transit operations safe and cybercriminals at bay.

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