Could You Claim Some of the $2.2 Billion in Relief for Transit Systems?

Could You Claim Some of the $2.2 Billion in Relief for Transit Systems?

10:10 13 October in Uncategorized

With more people being vaccinated and a return to hybrid work for many, some riders have returned to public transit. Ridership had dropped 79% in 2020 at the peak of the pandemic, and still averaged 65% below average for the second half of 2020. 

On top of the major ridership drop, transit systems are dealing with higher costs due to COVID-related training, providing PPE, absent personnel, and increased labor costs. Even with relief funding, transit agencies in the U.S. are projected to experience an overall shortfall of $39.3 billion through the 2023 calendar year. 

With transit across the nation still struggling, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is now accepting applications for $2.2 billion in competitive grant funding provided by the American Rescue Plan Act. Transit systems can apply for a grant now through November 8 and need to demonstrate assistance is required to maintain day-to-day operations. You can read more HERE

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