Clients can use data from our system for other apps

Clients can use data from our system for other apps

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What is GTFS feed & how is it used?

A GTFS feed allows transit agencies to access or publish their data in a format that many software applications can easily use. Passio Technologies uses GTFS (The General Transit Feed Specification) formatted data to show riders detailed schedules for routes and stops within the Passio GO app and Passio Navigator. 

This feed can also be downloaded at any time by transit agencies within minutes. It is automatically generated within the Passio System, so no need to take any additional steps. The GTFS feed contains ETAs, vehicle locations, and more in real-time. Passio believes access to information is essential, so we allow all data to be easily downloaded from Passio Navigator without having to come to our support team. 

Possibilities, linking with Uber or Lyft and other apps

With our easy-to-use GTFS Feeds, the possibilities are endless. We allow client transit agencies to use this data to integrate with other solutions if they need them. If a transit agency is stuck in a contract with another company for some of their contracted solutions, their Passio technology will still work correctly and integrate accordingly. 

New apps like Uber or Lyft allow transit agencies to use GTFS feeds to add their transit service as an option within the app, making it easy for riders to choose public transportation. Other transit apps that focus on transit data aggregation can use the GTFS feel to show real-time transit information. 

Providing Riders with Information

Providing riders with real-time information like Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs), routes stops, and more is the only way to have riders feel confident and comfortable. A source of reliable information will keep riders coming back again and again instead of choosing another method of transportation or being unable to get to their destination. The GTFS feed is available for free with any Passio solutions that include some form of GPS.

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