CityLab Highlights the Ways Americans Get to Work

CityLab Highlights the Ways Americans Get to Work

12:00 07 February in News

A recent article by CityLab – The Great Divide in How Americans Commute to Work – provided a detailed breakdown of the commuting habits of workers throughout the country. The article focuses on a comprehensive study conducted utilizing data from the American Community Survey.

The study outlines the various ways in which Americans get to work – driving alone, public transit, walking, biking, carpooling, and even working from home. It showcases the variety of these options by geographic location throughout the US.

Overall the article points to the fact that the country is dividing into two separate nations – one that revolves around the daily use of a car and one where the popularity of the single-occupant vehicle is declining. At Passio we are of course regularly following the transportation patterns of the communities and clients we serve, and seeking to identify additional strategies and solutions to not only enhance the transit experience for those active users, but also to make transit use more comfortable for those who use it less.

We look forward to seeing how transit continues to grow throughout the United States! Read the entire CityLab article here.