Check Out Great Webinars to Watch this May

Check Out Great Webinars to Watch this May

10:07 01 May in Blog
  1. Metro Magazine

Learn everything from how Covid-19 changed the landscape of transit, to fare collection developments. All webinars are free, and of course, can be accessed after they are no longer live.

2. Verizon Small Business

Verizon is now offering free small business support through hour long webinars. They cover every aspect, from marketing, to shifting to remote work, and everything in between.


Enhance your knowledge on cost allocation for your fleet, government training, zero-emissions vehicle deployments and more directly from the Rural Transit Assistance Program

4. Transportation Research & Education Center

Webinars cover connected vehicle systems, what to do when growth outweighs infrastructure, and the evolving mobility landscape. Some courses offer a certificate on completion and credit as well.


Covering information airports, transit data collection, small transit agency needs, and transit safety management, these webinars include something for everyone.

After watching some webinars, let us know what you learned in the comments!