Check Out Great Virtual Webinars to Watch:

Check Out Great Virtual Webinars to Watch:

11:03 31 March in Blog

We have plenty of webinar suggestions for you! Check out Passio’s favorite webinars to watch below:

1. Webinars on Mass Transit

First, we checked out Virtual Roundtable: Best Practices for Mobile Fare Collection. They discussed how utilizing mobile devices to allow riders to pay their fare easily on their phone where a credit card is already linked. 

2. APTA Webinars

We listened to a webinar on micro-mobility from February, where presenters discussed the benefits in joining forces with supplemental types of transit, such as partnering with ride-share, bikes, or scooter companies.

3. Intelligent Transport Webinars

Next, we listened to a webinar on MaaS on smart mobility. The speaker defined what MaaS is and the difference between this and mobility management or mobility on demand. 

4. FTA Webinars

Most webinars through FTA focus on upcoming grant programs and initiatives, such as the HOPE initiative, which will have two webinars, one in late March and one in early April.

5. Emergency Network Response

This series discusses adapting to current business changes, from emergency services, to working from home.

After watching some webinars, let us know what you learned in the comments!