Can We Mix Art and Transit?

Can We Mix Art and Transit?

11:07 25 June in Blog, News

An article we recently read in the Forbes travel section focused on Sweden’s use of art in public transit. It claims that other public transit agencies would be best to take note and treat their transit spaces like a blank canvas. 94 out of 100 of Stockholm’s stations feature some kind of art, which attracts locals and tourists alike.

SI, the agency that operates the metro even created an app that offers audio guides with tons of information about the art at 21 of the stations. The business manager at SI stated that art is important to Sweden and what they’ve done is turn entire stations into pieces of art instead of simply plopping things here or there. This makes for a truly incredible experience while riding public transit.

For anyone who has visited the Atlanta airport, they have managed to create a similar experience in the walking spaces between terminals. It is a place that travelers seek out when their flights are delayed or as a welcome reprieve from a very crowded airport.

Does your city have similar spaces? Do you think that public art can improve or add to the transit experience?


Check out the article here.