Bus systems help encourage development in other areas

Bus systems help encourage development in other areas

09:13 26 April in Uncategorized

Allison is currently on the job market, but she lives 45 minutes North of Downtown, where most jobs are located. She won’t afford a car this year, so she currently relies on transit for all her needs, from doctor’s appointments to weekly grocery shopping. Allison has two job interviews this week, one requiring that she takes a bus to a train, then walks ten minutes, a total round trip of an hour and a half, and the potential to get stuck in the rain or snow. Her other interview is one bus ride away on a single route, then just a 1-minute walk to the front door, a total trip of only 45 minutes since she doesn’t have to wait for multiple vehicles or switch routes halfway through her journey. Allison attends both interviews and is interested in each job, but since the route to Job #2 is so much easier to commute to using public transit, she accepts it!

Areas with easily accessible stops and transit options are rising, bringing in new businesses, housing, and employment opportunities just a bus ride away. Reliable buses mean less time spent waiting and wondering for riders who use transit to get to important appointments. In return, cities are left with booming areas around transit stops and the potential for reverse gentrification in other regions.

Transit technology allows bus systems to expand and become more reliable for riders, such as the rise of bus tracking apps and alerts when routes change and optimizing stops. The development follows where people go in new housing, jobs, and overall gentrification of an area. Shuttles themselves help drive growth, all run by the ability to get buses out there, which is helped by new technology in the transit industry!

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