Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill Including $39 Billion for Public Transit

Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill Including $39 Billion for Public Transit

14:23 16 November in Uncategorized

After months of negotiations, the House finally passed the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill sending to President Biden who signed it just 10 days later. While the bill focuses on every infrastructure sector, $107 billion is allocated towards transit, with $39 billion for public transit upgrades, modernizing infrastructure, and increasing accessibility​​. 

The Department of Transportation estimates there are over 24,000 buses on the current repair backlog. American Public Transportation Association president, Paul Skoutelas, believes the bill will be instrumental in making public transportation faster, more reliable, more modern, and more diverse, providing growing communities with more mobility options. 

The White House expects projects funded by the legislation to get underway in the spring. Keep reading to see what else is included in the infrastructure bill and what impact it will have on the transportation industry.

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