Battling COVID with New Public Transit Air Purification System

Battling COVID with New Public Transit Air Purification System

08:58 07 December in Uncategorized

Throughout the country, public transportation systems saw their ridership numbers decline due to the pandemic. According to the American Public Transportation Association, ridership nationwide decreased by 53.3 percent in 2020. At the height of the pandemic, some cities even saw a decline as significant as 90 percent

As people return to their regular routines, companies are taking innovative steps to help improve public transit safety. Thermo King, a leader in transport refrigeration and heating for buses, trucks, and trailers, recently launched a new air purification solution that continuously purifies the air on buses while they’re in operation. The system integrates directly into the bus’ HVAC unit and has proven to be 98 percent effective in deactivating viruses, including a common surrogate of the COVID-19 virus.

Check out the article to learn more about the air purification system, how it works, and how it’s improving air quality for public transit drivers and passengers.

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