Zero-Emissions Bus Planning—How to Plan for the Future

Zero-Emissions Bus Planning—How to Plan for the Future

13:33 12 April in Uncategorized

Over the past few years, there’s been a significant shift in how companies operate in regard to the environment. With worsening climate conditions being top of mind, more companies are ramping up their sustainability efforts to lessen their environmental impact. The government has also become primarily focused on tackling the climate crisis–– in December 2021, President Biden signed an executive order outlining the government’s intentions to achieve ambitious goals related to clean energy, zero-emission vehicles, and emissions reductions.

Since then, transit agencies throughout the country have focused on adopting more sustainable processes, technology, and fleets. These are not easy tasks to undertake, and they require significant planning, operations, and maintenance to sustain. With such challenges, transit agencies must understand the steps necessary for a successful transition to zero-emissions transportation. Keep reading to get tips on how to improve your agency’s sustainability.

Climate action requires a smart approach–– Passio Technology’s innovative solutions are designed to enhance your fleet and operations while reducing its environmental impact. Technology like our operations manager provides detailed trip insights and data that can influence decision-making and build more sustainable practices. Contact us to learn how Passio can help you make your operations more eco-friendly.

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