What are some mobile technology trends in transit agencies?

20:12 31 March in Blog, Passio Customers, Product Info

Scott Reiser, CTO of Passio Technologies, and Jason Lewis, Panasonic’s national sales manager for the transportation & logistics industry, recently discussed mobile computing trends in the transit industry.

Their discussion appeared as a post on the Panasonic Solutions for Business Blog. The conversation touched on a number of key topics, including the day-to-day operational and business challenges that transit agencies face today and where the transit industry and associated technology is headed over the next 12-24 months?

“Capturing and accessing relevant data, such as information about ridership trends, on-time statistics or operational issues and maintenance requirements is still challenging for many organizations,” Reiser said. “Of equal importance, is having a means by which to quickly analyze that data and use it to make more informed business decisions.

“Ongoing budget and funding shortfalls offer another challenge for many entities,” Reiser added. “Shortfalls mean that there may not be enough funding to purchase needed equipment to maintain or expand service levels. This in turn puts additional stress on the maintenance department, which than has to work overtime to keep a system running.”

Passio’s solutions have been used to count more than 25 million passengers at transit systems across the country. In December, the company announced that its exclusive IncroMAXX transit platform now offers “hands free” GPS-based integration with Transign’s LED Destination Signs, allowing transit systems to better communicate with riders and open new avenues for revenue generation.

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