Request & GO

Request & GO is an optional add-on feature available for our app, Passio GO.


It is critical to use all resources available to quickly get passengers where they need to go. Increase system flexibility, and allow for dynamic routes with Request & GO. Allow passengers to request that they are picked up at this stop using our new app feature within Passio GO using our Request & GO solution.


If an agency needs fixed-route service to provide transportation for large numbers of passengers traveling in predictable areas AND is required to provide wide areas of service to areas with low population density, Request & GO is the answer. Have longer or larger routes without wasting time and resources.


This feature allows transit riders using the Passio GO app to request a ride by tapping the passenger flagging icon, then swipe to “Request & GO”. Riders understand the vehicle is on the way, as they receive a confirmation and an Estimated Time of Arrival. For our clients, the feature could have different uses.


Passenger requests can be used for…


  1. Service Stops – This stop is included in the fixed route and a bus will continuously service the stop. Requests are recorded in our system for reporting and tracking. 

  2. Flag Stop – Easily send passenger requests to dispatch and drivers. Drivers can stop for this set location, which is only serviced occasionally or when requested. 

  3. Deviated Stop Request – Some stops are authorized, but aren’t on main routes. These stops are only used when a request is received. In this case, the request is confirmed by the dispatch or the driver.




We offer reporting for comprehensive insight into demand at each stop on each route. Specific requests for stops can be tracked by time, date, and route. This makes it easy for our clients to use data to change routes, stops, and realign systems to meet their rider’s needs. 


Request a webinar to discuss adding Request & GO to your solutions, learn more about our passenger app Passio GO, or for pricing.