Passio GO Express

We've simplified the GPS CAD/AVL purchasing experience. With Passio GO Express you'll pay one monthly price for each vehicle. That's it... Nothing more!

Passio GO Service & Passenger Features

  • View routes and stops
  • View schedules
  • Set favorites
  • View messages from the transit agency 
  • Set alerts for vehicle arrival

Smartphone App Functions

  • Free Passio GO App download for Apple or Android users.
  • mobile web application for fast access without download.
  • Intuitive and user friendly design, no training required. Simply choose your system and start tracking.

Operations & Management

Passio Navigator™ is the brain that runs the Passio GO system. Our web based management tool provides access to system features for each individual user, allowing custom access to features and functions while providing multi-layered security. Passio Navigator™ provides customers with full access to configure their system and fleet information. The system is intuitive and easy to learn, training is minimal, and Passio provides unlimited support and refresher training as needed for all system users.


Live Map – real time vehicle locations, speed, incidents, alerts, route assignments and dispatching functions

Custom Reports – Route Performance Reports & GPS/AVL Activity Reports

Live Help Desk and Guides – real time and updated regularly by support staff

Trend Analysis – compare performance by route, time period, driver & vehicle

Self Configuration of Routes and Stops – make updates whenever required without delay


No Install GPS Tracker

We’ll send you a plug in unit with cord and you’ll be ready to start tracking


High Accuracy GPS Tracker with External Antenna

We’ll arrange a professional installation to hardware the tracking unit to power and ignition, and fully test the install, or we can walk you through self installation. 


Mobile Data Terminal Add On

If your drivers need the ability to self dispatch and assign the vehicles to the route when they are on board the bus, we can add a mobile data terminal and install it in your system. Another option let’s your drivers assign their vehicle to a route using their cell phone.


  • Passenger Counting
  • Automated Voice Announcements
  • On Board Wi-Fi
  • LED Messaging Signs (Inside & Out)
  • 2 Way Messaging & Schedule Adherence

Once you’ve implemented the core Passio Solution for your GPS Tracking you’ll be able to add on new solutions at any time.


$89/mo + taxes

After purchase, you will receive an activation email detailing how to get started. Your first month will start after we work together to build your routes and stops.

Selected Value: 0


REQUEST & GO - in-app ride requests

SCHEDULE ADHERENCE - signals that help drivers stay on track

PASSIO INSPECTOR - vehicle maintenance and inspections

DRIVER TIME SHEET - driver check-in and out

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