IPMI 2020

IPMI 2020

What Does Passio Do?

At Passio Technologies, we pride ourselves on being a company of service-oriented, transit experts who have developed technology to meet the specific needs of bus transportation and parking systems. Passengers, Operators, and Managers benefit significantly from right sized transit technology solutions. Whether light duty shuttle buses or heavy use transit systems, technology improves the rider’s experience, enhances operational ability , and increases managements’ visibility.


Passio Technologies develops and supports technology solutions that provide onboard passenger counting and validation, GPS location services, a customer experience solution, and a full reporting suite.

Solutions For The New World of Transit

As we already have a solution in place, Passio Gateway, allows for controlled access and identity management, we can simply add Contact Tracing specific reports to develop and sell a specific Contact Tracing module.

As the number of people on the vehicles becomes even more important, we are able to capture that information real-time, display it on Passio GO and other mobile apps, and alert operations/dispatch. Additionally, with a relatively modest development effort, Passio’s SmartSense integrated LED solution can be configured to display passenger load status to the public.

Combining Fixed Route, On-demand, and Demand-Response (NEMT,  Paratransit, other) into one manageable system, including both back-end operations and presentation to the public. We are seeing a change in the traditional approach to multimodal technology that lends itself more to using the same resources for alternate modes of transportation in real time. Fixed route vehicles will switch in mid day to NEMT or on demand, mobile payments and user accounts are more important than ever to implement these new changes.

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