Industries Served

Industries Served

Passio Technologies’ over 10 years in business has allowed us to serve many different types of clients.

Through every transit agency is different in their own way, some of the industries we serve are below.

Colleges and Universities

We serve colleges and universities across the country. Though each campus is different, students from West to East Coasts enjoy Passio solutions like Wif-Fi on buses, enabling them to turn their commute into useful time to work on projects.


Shopping complexes allow riders to easily visit between stores, restaurants, and move while tracking their bus easily from Passio GO.


Municipalities use Passio for our detailed GTFS feeds, reporting, and advanced dispatching capabilities that mean no need to board a bus, everything can be done easily and remotely.

Corporate Campuses

Needing to move employees from parking areas throughout their work campus? it’s easy with Passio’s solutions! Even count riders or have employees scan their work badges when they board and de-board to receive detailed reporting and utilization information!

Paratransit & NEMT

While we offer in-house paratransit and NEMT solutions using our service Passio ParaPlan, we also integrate with Ecolane and CTS Software solutions to allow our clients ease of use with any Paratransit & NEMT solutions that fit their needs.


Riders at airports can catch their flight easily and have no worries about boarding on time when it comes to their buses to and from the airport! Now with Passio solutions on-board, travelers can relax and ride!