Are You Asking the Right Questions About Your Transit Solution?

14:13 29 February in Blog, Passio Customers, Product Info

In all the moving parts that come with implementing new software, one often-overlooked aspect of any installation is how the solution can expand as business grows.

While it is admittedly a challenge to look ahead and know precisely everything that will happen in the next 12, 24 or 36 months, the key to any successful implementation is to ensure that the solution both works for immediate needs and is easily expandable.

But, how should one best ensure that is the case? Consider these three questions:

  1. What does my ideal solution look like, if there were no limitations in place (such as budget or technology constraints)?
  1. What is the full range of the software’s capabilities? What add-ons are available today, and what features are in the pipeline?
  1. What does it take to add additional modules? Is the process easy or difficult? What system changes will I have to make to accommodate an upgrade?

That need for simple expansions of powerful platforms is one of the reasons Passio created its exclusive IncroMAXX platform. IncroMAXX provides a single, cloud-based management solution with one on-board interface, meaning drivers can control multiple devices on the vehicle, managers receive meaningful and easy-to-understand data, and administrators have a platform that can be easily expanded as the agency’s needs evolve over time.

As a practical application of the IncroMAXX platform, Passio recently announced it offers “hands free” GPS-based integration with Transign’s LED Destination Signs. This allows transit systems to better communicate with riders and open new avenues for revenue generation.

Sometimes, the best-laid plans do not go exactly according to plan. That is why organizations need a flexible solution that can be adjusted to meet their needs as those requirements evolve.

Now, how do you best connect with passengers? We’re glad you asked that question. Check back soon for that answer.