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Automatic Stop Announcements

Never miss a stop again!

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Real Time Passenger Load

Real time monitoring of overcrowded buses.

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Transit Technology Working for You

Reduce operating costs – optimize service.

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Taking Interaction to a New Level

Passio helping Texas A&M University open new avenue of communication

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Quantifying Transit in a Time of Tight Budgets

Georgia Southern relies on Passio’s passenger counting to prove system’s value

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Looking Ahead

How will technology shape the rider experience in the year ahead?

Driving Ahead with Transit Technology Solutions

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

SmartTraxx provides cutting edge mobile applications and real time automated GPS tracking. Passengers and operators have unparalleled visibility to vehicle locations and service performance levels.

Passenger Counting

Passenger counting solutions track rider usage, validate costs and budgets, and provide valuable insight into maximizing operating efficiency.

Voice & LED Announcements

Automated stop name announcements and surrounding information triggered by GPS location. Passengers will no longer miss stops or guess which services are available at a particular stop.

Passenger Identification

Knowing WHO is riding can be critical for your transit operations. Limiting access to authorized riders significantly improves on board security. Allocating costs and billing ridership groups can help ensure the groups that benefit from transit are billed fairly.

BusBuzz TextConnect™

Low cost, interactive tool to manage transit service quality and passenger expectations. Using BusBuzz Text Connect™ passengers provide instant feedback on drivers, vehicles, schedules, and service. Management responds directly to riders and tracks all feedback trends.

Business Analytics

Passio’s dynamic reporting tool makes viewing data a breeze. Summarized totals and detailed views by route and stop, avail 24x7, can be presented with just a few mouse clicks. Tracking on time performance, monitoring transit usage, and measuring passenger costs per mile.

About Us

“Passio Technologies provides innovative, customizable transit and parking solutions coupled with user friendly, industry leading technology and reporting.”


Passengers, Operators, and Managers benefit significantly from right sized transit technology solutions. Whether light duty shuttle buses or heavy use transit systems, technology improves the rider’s experience, enhances operational ability , and increases managements’ visibility.


Passio Technologies develops and supports technology solutions that provide on-board passenger counting and validation, GPS location services, a customer experience solution, and a full reporting suite.


At Passio Technologies, we pride ourselves on being a company of service-oriented, transit experts who have developed technology to meet the specific needs of bus transportation and parking systems. Our knowledge and research originates from our transportation consulting parent company, Solstice Transportation Group. Solstice identified the need for specific reporting modules and technologies that Passio Technologies developed and now offers.


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