Learn all about Passio Technologies in short videos below. From who we are to our new solutions, we explain everything in easy to understand animated clips.


Who is Passio Technologies? Watch the video to find out. Within a few minutes, you’ll know what we do and why we do it. For 250 clients, Passio Technologies is there when you need us most. From Passenger Counting and LEDs, to rider apps, to helping transit agencies make decisions, we’re always working to “Make Passengers Count”.

One of our classic solutions Passio GO, is the ultimate app for passengers. Riders can easily download the free app on their smartphones to get started. Riders can also use our mobile-friendly web browser. After downloading, riders can start tracking their buses, receiving messages from the transit agency, favorite routes, and stops, submit feedback, and more!

Finally, a way to truly have dynamic fixed routes. Riders can now use the Passio GO app with Request & GO, allowing them to send a ride request to the transit agency. From there, the agency has a few options. This request can alert a driver to make the stop when they normally wouldn’t have or to ensure they find and pick up the rider. Now, passengers have flexibility on fixed routes.

It’s Passenger Counting, a solution you know and love. Some agencies still use paper and pen to count riders, but this type of inefficiency can slow other operations and distract drivers. Instead of old methods, our technology can help! We provide automatic or electronic passenger counting that is automatically reported in our management system Passio Navigator.

Contact Tracing is a new idea with a huge impact. Use our solution Passio Gateway to scan riders on and off of vehicles using ID cards. This data is then reported in our system instantly and can be monitored. If a rider discovers they are sick, they can report that back to the transit agency, who then can let all riders on board at the same time know about the incident.