“Right-sized” technology solutions for any size transit system

arrow Passio Technologies’ vision for transit technology comes from years of transit consulting coupled with a passion for technology.


arrow We understand that you need to focus on running your transit system. In turn, we focus on the technology to make your operation work better, harder and more precise than ever before.


arrow Our solution gives operators insight into the system, customers the ability to get the data that they want, and your passengers visibility for their trips.

Voice Announcements

GPS based stop announcements

Passio’s Automated Voice Announcement System is a GPS driven voice announcement system for fixed route systems.



  • arrow Each “Approaching stop” on your route or only specific stops
  • arrow Additional stop announcements at certain stops, for example, transfer points or points of Interest
  • arrow “Next stop” announcements which play right after the previous announcements
  • arrow Route and destination announcements

Driver initiated announcements

In addition to the automatic GPS announcements, the driver can initiate pre-canned messages at the touch of a button.

For example:

  • arrow “The Bus will be going Off-line for the next 15 minutes.”
  • arrow “This Bus will be dwelling here for 5 minutes in order to stay on schedule.”

Passio SmartTraxx

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

“I love being able to see where the bus is on my SmartTraxx* app. Since it’s so cold here in the winter, I wait inside until I know that it’s arriving.”

*SmartTraxx is a full featured, real time transit locator system, all offered at a value price.

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SmartPhone Mobile Applications

Smartphone users can download a free app to their phone, allowing them to:

  • arrow Track and view all routes at once
  • arrow Select individual routes
  • arrow Navigate to specific stops or follow an individual bus
  • arrow See schedule information
  • arrow See the next bus arriving and details about that stop location
  • arrow Receive alerts and directly provide feedback
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SmartTraxx Public Route Displays

SmartTraxx users have multiple options when it comes to displaying route information to their users. The SmartTraxx Public Route display module automatically updates vehicle location

  • arrowRoutes can be displayed individually, in groups, or all at once.
  • arrowIndividual route views can automatically cycle on the screen for a constant view of your entire system at the best level of detail for your passengers.
  • arrowIndividual Website Links can be created for each route so your users can visit your website and choose the routes they want to view.
Public Display


Automatically receive alerts via E-Mail or Text. You’ll know about driver behavior, vehicle location, and fuel wasting activities immediately. These alerts can be reviewed in reports for discussion at later dates, or dealt with as they happen.

  • arrowSpeeding Alerts
  • arrow Idling Alerts
  • arrow Geofence Alerts – Entering or Leaving a Specific Area
  • arrow Motion Alerts – After hours or at first activity
  • arrow Additional advanced alerts such as vehicle diagnostics and other on board activities

Passio GPS Alerts

GPS Tracking Reports

SmartTraxx GPS Tracking reports focus on worker activity, driver behavior, and vehicle usage both during and after working hours. All SmartTraxx reports provide the actionable business intelligence you need to cut costs and improve the way you do business.

  • arrowVehicle Idling Report*
  • arrow Vehicle Speeding Report*
  • arrow Vehicle Usage Report
  • arrow Vehicle Stop/Park Report
  • arrow Inactive Vehicle Report
  • arrow After Hours Usage Report
  • arrow Data Export Report
  • arrow Fuel Tax State Mileage Report*
  • arrow Maintenance Due Report

SmartTraxx Route Builder™ Application

Instantly adjust routes at any time, without going through a ‘middle man’, or having to wait days or weeks for changes and updates. Your passengers will have the most TIMELY and ACCURATE route information. This will mean less confusion and much higher customer satisfaction.

  • arrow Temporary Detours for Construction
  • arrow Test Routes
  • arrow Summer/Vacation Routes
  • arrow Special Events Routes

Passio Route Builder

BusBuzz™ for SmartTraxx

One of the most important aspects of a great transit system is hearing from your passengers, and being able to communicate back to them quickly and efficiently. Integrated into the SmartTraxx app, BusBuzz gives your riders access to provide comments, suggestions, compliments, and issues and gives you the ability to quickly manage and easily track the items that need attention.

SmartTraxx customers have the option to upgrade to BusBuzz Text Connect™ to add additional features like broadcast text messaging, on board text surveys, and Twitter® integration.

IncroMAXX Transit

Passenger Counting

IncroMAXX Transit™ is used to effectively manage your resources, determine the best design for routes and stops, and keep costs within budget. With IncroMAXX Transit™ you’ll have the flexibility to install the technology you NEED on the VEHICLES that make SENSE.

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Built to work in the transit environment

As the brains of the operation, our MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) also provides the brawn. We provide rugged, transit tested equipment that is simple to install and maintain.

  • arrow 7" embedded android industrial panel pc
  • arrow IP64 Dust-proof, Water-proof
  • arrow Capacitive touchscreen panel
  • arrow Strong vibration resistance
  • arrow External SiRF IV GPS
  • arrow DC 9-36V input, 9W power consumption
  • arrow -10 - 65ºC Working temperature
  • arrow -25 - 80ºC Storage temperature
Passio IncroMaxx Counting Screen

On board

Fully independent, but connected, our counters record the time, date, location, stop, route, and vehicle information automatically for the highest level of accuracy. Connection is automatic via WiFi or cellular and all information is securely uploaded to our cloud servers.

In the Cloud

Once uploaded, the counting data is easily accessed via our secure, bank-grade encrypted login. Through this portal, you have access to:

  • arrow System information including driver names, stops, routes, and buses
  • arrow Point and click reporting and analytics
  • arrow Report scheduling and data downloads
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Automatic Passenger Counting

Whether you need the highest counting accuracy rating in the industry or cost effective automated counters, our rugged solutions track boarding and alighting passengers, tagging the counts with all relevant data.

Student & work ID counting

If your riders are part of a University, healthcare, corporate or other campus system, our system can integrate with their card system to count via their access cards. In addition to the counts, we can also securely track riders and merge the counts with demographic data to provide detailed, analytical reports.

Driver managed counting

When your passenger counting needs are limited or the budgets are tight, our Electronic Passenger Counting solution can be deployed. Your drivers will be able to count boarding and alighting passengers as well as categories of passenger, like handicap and bikes.

BYOD (Bring your own device)

Built to be deployed on tablets or SmartPhones that you provide. You’ll save on equipment costs while still enabling your team to get the data you need to run your system right. Use cases:

  • arrow Shuttle systems where drivers can manage the equipment
  • arrow Temporary vehicles or spares that you don't own
  • arrow Special Events like festivals, sports events, or conferences
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Staying On Time and On Route

Your drivers are the most important tool you have to maintain route times and schedules. Keeping your transit system on task ensures efficient operations and satisfied passengers.

Information at their fingertips

Using IncroMAXX Transit Schedule Adherence, your drivers will have their scheduled times prominently displayed on their Mobile Data Terminals for each stop. They’ll know if they are ahead or behind, and can make the SAFE decisions to manage their routes effectively for your passengers.

Photo Map

Simplifying Time-Sheets with One-Touch In/Out Operation

  • arrow Using our on-board interface, drivers can easily check in and out as they drive the vehicle.
  • arrow All data is automatically uploaded to our secure servers where your managers and supervisors have the ability to approve or modify the time.
  • arrow Once approved, the time sheets can then be exported to your Payroll department for processing.
Route Schedule

Passio Gateway ID

Control access and track passenger movement

Controlling Passenger Access and Validation of Riders, Passio Gateway™ provides unparalleled control and intelligence of WHO is using the transportation system, WHEN they are using it, and HOW OFTEN it is being utilized.

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Controlling Access

Many transportation programs are funded by users and those who benefit from it. Passio Gateway™ provides a straightforward way to limit access to the transit system that is easy for passengers to use and understand and avoids passenger/driver conflicts.

Access Control

Safety and Security

One of the great challenges in operating a transit system is reducing the opportunity for uninvited or unauthorized passengers to gain entry to the system. By requiring identification media such as a mag stripe or RFID card, and validating the user information against a database, those individuals who don’t belong on the bus don’t get on.

Safety & Security

Passenger Intelligence

Access to outstanding reporting and ridership data is critical to the success of any transit system. If multiple entities participate in the transportation system, Passio Gateway™ can automatically report on the number of users by department, location, company, school, or other identifying factor.


Additionally, if the objective is to track passengers by type, (i.e. faculty, staff, or students) that capability is built in to the core system.


Finally, validation information, such as active, inactive, or denied is tracked and reporting for every passenger.

Passenger Validation

Billing & Budget Allocation – Passenger Tracking

Using the Passenger Tracking module, each boarding passenger will swipe or tap their ID card as they board. This data is safely stored on board the vehicle and uploaded to our reporting server. Through our dynamic reporting tool you’ll be able to report on all passenger activity by department, group, organization, or affiliation.

Billing & Budgeting

BusBuzz TextConnect™

Passenger feedback & real-time alerts

“How can I get quick and easy feedback about bus conditions, driver performance, and service schedules from my passengers?”

“I’d like to know about passenger issues before they escalate to complaints.”

“It would be great to hear about the positive interactions my passengers have with our drivers so I can recognize their great work.”

“BusBuzz™ changes the way we interact with our passengers. Passengers suggest improvements, report issues, give compliments, and can register for alerts so they are completely in touch with the transit system.”

Responses are Tracked in the TextConnect Dashboard™

  • arrow Follow the history of the conversation
  • arrow See who is responded and what they said
  • arrow View reports and trends to help with future communications

Alerts– Communicate with All of Your Passengers

  • arrow Send system messages to all registered passengers
  • arrow Create groups of passengers who need special information

No Apps or Special Software needed

  • arrow Passengers use text messaging on their cell phone
  • arrow Supervisors and managers log into a web site from any computer

% Satisfaction

BusBuzz Text Connect™ customers

typically experience an average increase of 40% - 70% in passenger satisfaction within the first 3 months of using the system.

Business Analytics

Gain visibility with actionable reporting

With IncroMAXX Transit you’ll have the flexibility to install the technology you NEED on the VEHICLES that make SENSE and REPORT on all of them in one system.


We understand that transit technology is used to…

    • arrow effectively manage your resources
    • arrow determine the best design for routes and stops
    • arrow keep costs within budget


…and you can’t do that if some of your vehicles are not reporting into the same system. IncroMAXX Transit™ consolidates all of the data, then slices and dices it to give you point and click access to overcome your operational challenges.