Passio InfoVisionTM

In partnership with NixplayTM, Passio InfoVision is our premier solution for delivering high definition video content and on-board route and stop information for passengers in real time. It puts you in total control of your content. With a single account you can create, schedule, and update customized playlists by bus, route, time, and date. Content is delivered to each vehicle at the touch of a button – no need to climb on board each bus or manually upload video and graphics.

All information is stored and managed within the Cloud. With 50 GB of storage, there is plenty of capacity for passenger information, agency marketing, and marketing videos. The content is seamlessly uploaded from the customer’s Cloud account to the InfoVision screens on-board the vehicle. 

Passio InfoVisionTM helps agencies engage with the passengers to improve the rider experience, enhance service delivery, and expand opportunities for significant revenue generation.