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Real Time Vehicle Tracking

“I love being able to see where the bus is on my SmartTraxx* app. Since it’s so cold here in the winter, I wait inside until I know that it’s arriving.”

*SmartTraxx is a full featured, real time transit locator system, all offered at a value price.

  1. SmartPhone Mobile Applications

    Smartphone users can download a free app to their phone, allowing them to:

    arrow   Track and view all routes at once

    arrow   Select individual routes

    arrow   Navigate to specific stops or follow an individual bus

    arrow   See schedule information

    arrow   See the next bus arriving and details about that stop location

    arrow   Receive alerts and directly provide feedback

  2. Photo Map

SmartTraxx Public Route Displays

SmartTraxx users have multiple options when it comes to displaying route information to their users. The SmartTraxx Public Route display module automatically updates vehicle location

arrow    Routes can be displayed individually, in groups, or all at once.

arrow    Individual route views can automatically cycle on the screen for a constant view of your entire system at the best level of detail for your passengers.

arrow    Individual Website Links can be created for each route so your users can visit your website and choose the routes they want to view.

Public Display


Automatically receive alerts via E-Mail or Text. You’ll know about driver behavior, vehicle location, and fuel wasting activities immediately. These alerts can be reviewed in reports for discussion at later dates, or dealt with as they happen.

arrow    Speeding Alerts

arrow    Idling Alerts

arrow    Geofence Alerts – Entering or Leaving a Specific Area

arrow    Motion Alerts – After hours or at first activity

arrow    Additional advanced alerts such as vehicle diagnostics and other on board activities

Passio GPS Alerts

GPS Tracking Reports

SmartTraxx GPS Tracking reports focus on worker activity, driver behavior, and vehicle usage both during and after working hours. All SmartTraxx reports provide the actionable business intelligence you need to cut costs and improve the way you do business.

arrow    Vehicle Idling Report*

arrow    Vehicle Speeding Report*

arrow    Vehicle Usage Report

arrow    Vehicle Stop/Park Report

arrow    Inactive Vehicle Report

arrow    After Hours Usage Report

arrow    Data Export Report

arrow    Fuel Tax State Mileage Report*

arrow    Maintenance Due Report

SmartTraxx Route Builder™ Application

Instantly adjust routes at any time, without going through a ‘middle man’, or having to wait days or weeks for changes and updates. Your passengers will have the most TIMELY and ACCURATE route information. This will mean less confusion and much higher customer satisfaction.

arrow    Temporary Detours for Construction

arrow    Test Routes

arrow    Summer/Vacation Routes

arrow    Special Events Routes

Passio Route Builder

BusBuzz™ for SmartTraxx

One of the most important aspects of a great transit system is hearing from your passengers, and being able to communicate back to them quickly and efficiently. Integrated into the SmartTraxx app, BusBuzz gives your riders access to provide comments, suggestions, compliments, and issues and gives you the ability to quickly manage and easily track the items that need attention.


SmartTraxx customers have the option to upgrade to BusBuzz Text Connect™ to add additional features like broadcast text messaging, on board text surveys, and Twitter® integration.