IncroMAXX Transit Passenger counter and Old Dominion University

IncroMAXX Transit Passenger counter and Old Dominion University

18:26 05 December in Passio Customers

Since September of 2011, Old Dominion University has used IncroMAXX Transit to conduct passenger counts and provide detailed reports and analysis. Their system must transport 600,000 passengers per year on a fleet of only 5 buses, making accurate reporting essential in order to maintain an acceptable level of service. Before Passio Technologies’ electronic passenger counting system was implemented, Old Dominion lacked the information required to evaluate service level needs, and to determine optimal use of transportation resources.

Immediately alter installation, Old Dominion was able to reduce by more than 80% the amount of time required to consolidate data, create reports, and distribute information to senior administrators. By using Passio Technologies’ time of day analytics and evaluating the stop utilization data, they were able to improve headways on their primary campus route by 28.5% due to eliminating a stop and rerouting a bus path.

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