Author: Mitch Skyer

Learning to Embrace Change

08:00 15 April in News

It’s fair to say that most people dislike change. There is a lot of uncertainty that comes with it. People tend to focus on the negatives. They harp on the challenges and pitfalls, rather than the potential new opportunities. Take a merger within parking and transportation departments...

How Do You Best Connect With Your Riders?

12:00 25 March in News

People today have so many touch points. The key for any organization, particularly transit agencies, is to streamline their feedback loops. First, let’s start by defining “connection” for transit systems. The word connection means different things to different brands, but for transit, connecting with riders likely...

How many people are on the bus?

18:49 02 February in News

Making passenger counting accessible for all It seems simple enough. Tell me how many people are on the bus? Transit systems want measurable data that allows them to make better informed decisions about their operations. But, too often, people think it isn’t cost-effective. Or, worse yet, they...